Architecture and Design Portfolio Tips

Portfolios are vital for the proper transition from student to professional life. They are not only representations of your design skills, but they also show who you are as a creative/ critical thinker and convey what you bring to the table to potential employers. It's important to knock your portfolio out of the park, so... Continue Reading →


The Battle for National Heritage and Survival

This blog post was a term paper that I wrote in grad school at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, College of Architecture and Design in my LAR 581 class taught by Dr. Avigail Sachs. December 2015   “Whenever a settled group of people recognize themselves as an entity, they like to have some explanation of... Continue Reading →


This blog post was the last paper/ case study that I wrote in grad school at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, College of Architecture and Design in my LAR 584 class taught by Dr. Avigail Sachs. May 2018 After 3 years in graduate school trying to define it for myself, I still often find that... Continue Reading →

Jane Amidon Talk Reflection 1|31|17

Jane Amidon, a professor of Landscape Architecture and Director of the Urban Landscape Program at Northwestern University School of Architecture, started by studying Environmental Studies and became deeply interested in the effect of land use policy design on the underlying systems of our landscape and environment. She stated that the "frame that we place on... Continue Reading →

Sasaki Talk Reflection 3|9|17

Sasaki is a Landscape Architecture practice that believes in the power of multidisciplinary collaboration, research integration, and planning. Founded by Hideo Sasaki in 1953, Sasaki aimed to integrate city/urban planning and landscape architecture to create projects of much larger impact as he believed that "we do nothing in isolation". One of my favorite projects of... Continue Reading →

MKSK Talk Reflection 2|2|17

MKSK, a combination of two smaller standalone landscape architecture practices into a much larger 80 person practice, aims to work with a smaller firm/ studio mentality while being able to accomplish many larger scale projects. As a firm, MKSK focuses on fostering true ownership of the practice in all employees so they feel comfortable seeing... Continue Reading →

Kevin Burke of Atlanta Beltline Talk Reflection 4|6|17

The Atlanta Beltline, a rails to trails project linking together over 40 mixed use Atlanta neighborhoods, will bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in development to the region. It started as a master's thesis project by Ryan Gravel in 1999 and has now turned into a massive community mobilizer and development opportunity. Kevin Burke, a senior... Continue Reading →

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